domingo, 26 de junho de 2011


The evening sun gently kissed my cheeks
as he was driving me along the shore.
The light was streaming through the windshield
and I kept my arms carelessly open
Leaving my hand hanging outside the car.
I felt I could scoop the wind with those bear hands
but the warm breeze just swung my hair.
Behind my brown-coloured lens
I could see a vanilla and pink sunset as
I heard the radio playing “Wish You here”.
Still there was nothing else I could wish for.
I do believe on the impossible, I thought
yes, I am the unpredictable
and at this point I was simply sure
I’m to blame for the ocean motion
for all promises ever made and ever broken
and even for the words left unspoken.
I was the very reason of joy
The true meaning of existence
The rode, the rise and the fall

I was barely on the ground
maybe closer to the edge of the world.
I was in love.

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